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Field inspection manual—volumetric measuring devices

Part 3, section 10— Performance— computed price value test


This test applies to any device that has price computing capability. It applies to prices computed by an interfaced computer.


This test ensures that computed total price values, when provided, are correct within applicable limits of error.

Legislative references

R.140, SVM.1-13, SVM.1-21, SVM.1-28, NoA.

Ensure that the unit price can not be changed during a delivery.

Ensure that the total price indicator has a sufficient number of digits to display the exact computed price when the device is set at the highest unit price.


Following flow tests multiply the indicated volume by the price per unit volume.

Compare your results to the computed price indicated or registered by the device.

Because some models of mechanical blending dispensers only have a "friction hold" blended price per unit setting, test as many blends as possible.

Interpretation of results

Note: For some mechanical registers a small error in computation is authorized on the Notice of Approval.

The total price must agree to the nearest cent with the unit price displayed and the quantity delivered.


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