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Field inspection manual—volumetric measuring devices

Part 3, section 15—Performance—delivery cross-over test


This test is performed on twin dispensers (two units in a cabinet), several dispensers or refuellers supplied by the same submerged pump, or two or more metering systems supplied by the same pump subject to Section 254 of the Weights and Measures Regulations.


These systems must be designed with electrically interlocked valves that must open only to the properly selected meter and when its register has been reset to zero. This test is to ensure that product can not be diverted through an apparently shut off unit while delivering through an active unit. It is a provision to prevent fraudulent use of devices.

Legislative references

R.68, R.254, R.282.


Following a flow test on one unit, while the pump is still operating, carefully place the nozzle in a safe place out of the traffic stream.

Attempt to obtain product from the second hose, in the case of twin dispensers, or from non-activated meters on the same product without returning their registers to zero or without activating the on/off levers / switch.

Note: Use a suitable container for any product which may flow (at full speed) from the apparently shut-off hose or loading arm.

Interpretation of results

Any attempt to obtain product from a non-activated / non-reset-to-zero unit must fail.


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