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Field inspection manual—volumetric measuring devices

Part 3, section 16—Performance—product blend test (blending dispensers)


This test is performed on blending dispensers and blending refuellers.


A dispenser is considered as a blending dispenser when the blend is done downstream of the measuring chambers (i.e two or more measuring chambers measure each a liquid or grade; the blend is done downstream of the measuring chambers). A product blend test checks on delivered quantity and proper computation of blended price.

Note 1: Performance tests on the mid ratios and blends are optional.

Note 2: An ATC test does not need to be conducted on the blended product.

Legislative references



Test the two extreme ranges of product separately (i.e. 100% of one product, then 100% of the second product). Perform a slow test, a fast test and, if necessary, a repeatability test.

A gross test should also be made using a randomly selected blend.

Note 3: To avoid contamination, blended product is normally returned to the lower grade product storage but this should be confirmed before delivering blended product.

Note 4: Interlocks should also prevent the delivery of unauthorized blends.

Interpretation of results

Note 5: Weights and Measures legislation only deals with quantity and computed price. Any suspected instances of incorrect blend or product quality are to be reported to the device owner, and if necessary, to other authorities (provincial government, Transport Canada, Environment Canada, etc.).

All results must be within applicable limits of error.


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