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Field inspection manual—volumetric measuring devices

Part 3, section 17—Performance—prepay test (motor fuel dispensers)


This test applies to motor fuel dispensers.

Note: This test is to be performed only during initial and complaint inspections.


This test verifies the precision of any automatic shut-off mechanisms.

Legislative references

SVM.1-32 and 33.


Note: This test is not a volume accuracy test that requires a test measure.

Request the operator to set a prepaid quantity of less than the test measure volume.

Run a full-flow test.

Repeat the test but this time by requesting the operator to set a prepaid amount of money.

Note: As a prepay test starts with the hose pressurized and ends with the hose unpressurized except for the anti-drain valve pressure, a hose expansion test may be done immediately after a prepay test to ensure that the prepay mode is not causing excessive errors in subsequent deliveries.

Interpretation of results

The dispensers must indicate at least the preset amount ( preset price or preset quantity) and not go beyond 50 ml (5 times the value of minimum increment prescribed by SVM.1-20).


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