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Field inspection manual—volumetric measuring devices

Part 3, section 20—Performance—electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference susceptibility test


This test may be applied to any metering device that incorporate electronic components.


To uncover excessive susceptibility of electronic measuring devices to electromagnetic interference and to radio frequency interference (EMI-RFI).

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To test an electronic measuring device's susceptibility to EMI-RFI, any equipment or apparatus found on site that emits radio or electromagnetic waves and that may be used in conjunction with the measuring device, should be employed during the inspection to verify the device for EMI-RFI susceptibility.

Note: Tests using 460 MHz and 27 MHz radio transmitters are reserved for approval test performed under laboratory conditions.

Interpretation of results

While there are no limits of error provided for these tests, a change of more than one increment of registration is considered to be sufficient to indicate that the device is susceptible to EMI and/or RFI.


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