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Field inspection manual—volumetric measuring devices

Specialised test procedures—master meter calibration procedure (meter used for the calibration of tanks)


For master meters used for the calibration of tanks.


This test determines a meter's ability to perform as a local standard in order to be used for calibrating tanks.

Legislative references

Part VII and VIII of Schedule IV.


Note: The meter must be equipped with a hard wall hose and an effective anti-drain valve at the nozzle. Following each test, the hose must contain the same quantity of liquid. The meter must be operated the same manner (start and stop); care must be taken to avoid walking on or moving the delivery hose. A sufficient quantity of liquid must be circulated to stabilise the liquid, prover and meter temperatures.

Wet and drain the test prover. Consult Prover Wetting and Drainage: STP-22

Perform a minimum of two consecutive fast flow test (at normal operating flow rate): STP-5

Perform a slow flow test: STP-4

Apply prover shell correction factor: STP-23

Establish the meter error and repeatability

Proceed with the calibration of the tank. After calibration of the tank, the meter must be tested as above. The meter must still comply with all requirements.

Interpretation of results

The fast and slow flow test must meet the tolerances established in Part VII and VIII of Schedule IV for local standard of volume.

Revision 1

April 2010. Device type 52 and S2.10 was added to the list of device types identified in the title line.

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