Laboratory manual for the evaluation of non-automatic weighing devices

Part 2, section 5—Values defined

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Section 35 of the Specifications Relating to Non Automatic Weighing Devices (1998)

5.0 Values defined – Generalities

Graduations, indications, and recorded values that are intended to have specific values as well as metrologically significant annunciators must be adequately identified by suitable words, abbreviations or symbols. These defining terms must be placed relative to graduations, indications, recorded values or annunciators and as close as practical to them without interfering with their readability. The proper symbols for SI units are found in Schedule I of the Weights and Measures Act; other acceptable abbreviation or symbols can be found in Appendix 2-A of this manual.

5.1 Graduations, weight indications must be properly defined by appropriate figures, words or symbols (lb, kg, ounces, tare, net weight, etc..).

5.2 Annunciators that are metrologically significant are defined with appropriate words or symbols.

Note 1: Only metrologically significant annunciators are required to be identified, namely:

Note 2: The metrological annunciators may be identified using durable labels except when the annunciator must be capable of changing automatically to reflect a change of status (Examples: Tare on/off, center of zero yes/no, lb/kg, etc.)

Note 3: The position of the lb/kg toggle switch is not a sufficient indication of the unit in use.

5.3 Gross weight, Tare Weight and Net Weight, Inbound/Outbound Weight, Unit Price, Total Price and other required information must be adequately identified by names, abbreviations or symbols.

5.4 The names, abbreviations and symbols are suitably located.

5.5 If the device has an external key or switch (user key) to change the measurement unit (lb/kg), the printer must automatically print the appropriate unit of measurement.

5.6 The external user key or switch of a device must automatically change the measurement units (lb/kg key) associated with indicated and printed gross weight, tare and net weight.

Note 4: If the device can operate only in a single unit of measurement, it is acceptable that the symbol or name identifying the unit of measurement is pre-printed on the ticket rather than printed by the device.

Note 5: If only one weight value is printed, it is assumed that it is the net weight. In such a case, identifying the weight as to be the net weight is not required.


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