Laboratory manual for the evaluation of non-automatic weighing devices

Part 2, section 9—Manual weight entries

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Sections 30, 31, 32, 33 and 38 of the Specifications Relating to Non Automatic Weighing Devices (1998)

9.0 Manual weight entries–generalities

Note: This section does not apply to keyboard tare entries (see section 17.0 for tare requirements).

Metrological features of a device used in trade must be of such design, composition and construction so as to ensure accurate measurement and minimize the potential for fraudulent use. Many devices incorporate features that allow the operator to enter a weight value through a numeric keypad or keyboard. This weight value can be displayed and/or printed with no load on the load receiving element.

Manual weight entries may be necessary in certain circumstances, such as POS systems, when credit must be given, or when generating labels for standard packages or correcting erroneous tickets. However, this capability may increase the potential for fraudulent device use if it is permitted without suitable precautions.

Manual weight entries can therefore be allowed under the following conditions:

9.1 The device must be incapable of weighing when it is processing or printing a manual weight entry.

9.2 Displayed and printed manual weight entries must be adequately defined and must be automatically identified as "Manual Weight", "Manual WT" or "MAN WT" ("poids manuel", "pds manuel" or "PDS MAN").

Clarification 1 When a manual weight entry is printed and automatically identified as such, displaying the manual weight value is optional. If, however, the manual weight value is displayed, it must be properly identified as such.

Clarification 2 Identification of a manual weight entry, with the proper term, must be done automatically without the need for operator intervention.

Clarification 3 The use of a symbol to identify multiple manual weight entries is permitted provided that the symbol is defined on the same page as that on which the manual weight entries appear and the definition of the symbol is automatically printed by the recording element as part of the document.

Clarification 4 The following symbols are not acceptable: MAN, MW

9.3 Manual weight entries must be an optional feature that can be enabled/disabled and sealed against use in applications where their use is inappropriate and could facilitate fraud.

Exceptions In the case of an Unattended Vehicle System, Manual Weight entries may be made while the scale is not at zero (truck remaining on scale) where communications has been lost between the scale and the system computer. [In Service, Field Test - CFTM/GSC 2002-04]


Rev. 1 (March 2010)

Requirement for entry only at gross load zero revoked

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