Laboratory manual for the evaluation of non-automatic weighing devices

Part 2, section 13—Damping means and up-dating of weight/price data

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Sections 30 to 33 of the Specifications Relating to Non Automatic Weighing Devices (1998)

13.0 Damping means and up-dating of weight/price data–generalities

The weight indications must stabilize shortly after a load is applied to the scale. Weight indications must not oscillate significantly or update so slowly that intermediate weight values are misinterpreted as the final stable weight value. Weight indications, unit and total computed sale prices, after the weight indication is stable and after introduction of unit price, must remain visible while the load is on the platter to allow proper reading of the values.

Acceptable Solutions

13.1 The mechanical device is equipped with an effective means for damping oscillations.

13.2 The electronic device up-dates the displayed weight information at a sufficient rate to prevent misinterpretation of the final weight value.

13.3 Indications of weight, and if applicable unit and total prices, are visible and stable when the load is on the platter.

13.4 A digital computing scale may continue to display computed price information following removal of the load provided that:

13.4.1 it does not display computed price information for more than 15 seconds (hold period);

13.4.2 it returns immediately to its zero weight reference;

13.4.3 it must automatically return to a "non-hold" or active mode at any time a new unit price is entered or the next load is placed on the platter;

13.4.4 it must return to an active mode and print the correct weight and price information for the current load conditions if it initiates label printing or a "print command" is given during the "hold" period.


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