Laboratory manual for the evaluation of non-automatic weighing devices

LG-3.10 Immunity to radiated electromagnetic field

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Section 30 of the Specifications Relating to Non Automatic Weighing Devices (1998)


This test is performed on any complete weighing devices and major elements that incorporate electronic components susceptible to be affected by radiated electromagnetic fields. This test consists of exposing the device to an electromagnetic field emitted by radio transmitters at frequencies of 27 MHz and 460 MHz with an intensity of up to ≈3 V/m.

Note to the attention of device manufacturers

This test method will be used until Measurement Canada acquires the necessary facilities and equipment to perform immunity to radiated electromagnetic field tests over the entire 26 MHz to 1 000 MHz range as recommended by OIML, R76-1).



  1. Place, on the platter of the device, a load approximately equal to ½ Max. Record the value displayed.
  2. Perform a summary test at each radio frequency by bringing the radio antenna close to the DUT at various angles (orientations), above, around and under the device; observe the indication. If the device does not appear to be affected by the RFI, then there is no need to proceed further. If the device is affected, it will be necessary to repeat the test, and this time to measure the field strength at the device.
  3. Place the field strength meter in close proximity to the device. Using the handheld radio transmitters, expose the DUT to field strength equal to ≈3 V/m. Bring the antenna around, above and under the device, at different angles. Attempt to maintain the field intensity at the device at ≈3 V/m. Observe the indication during the test and attempt to print weight values. Record the results. Do not consider the results obtained while the field strength exceeds ≈3 V/m.

Interpretation of results

The device meets the requirements:


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