Removal of Electricity and Gas Meters from Service by Utilities or Other Service Providers

On occasion, electricity and gas customers may be notified that their utility or other service provider plans to replace their electricity or natural gas meter.

The Electricity and Gas Inspection Act (Act) and Electricity and Gas Inspection Regulations (Regulations) set the rules for the measurement of electricity and natural gas provided for sale to consumers. Under the Act and Regulations, meters used by utilities and other service providers for the sale of electricity and natural gas must be removed from service from time to time for the following reasons:

  1. meter testing and verification to ensure consumers continue to receive accurate measurement (section 12 of the Act);
  2. replacement of a defective or broken meter (section 16 of the Act);
  3. investigation and testing of a meter as part of a consumer or utility complaint of suspected inaccurate measurement (section 23 of the Act);
  4. meter testing for the purpose of monitoring compliance with the requirements of the Act or as may be otherwise required by the President of Measurement Canada (section 22 of the Act); or
  5. routine maintenance of the meter (section 16 of the Act).

To ensure that consumers receive the amount of electricity and natural gas paid for and to assist utilities and other service providers in complying with the requirements of the Act and Regulations, Measurement Canada encourages consumers to cooperate with these companies or their meter service representatives during the removal of their meters. It is an offence under the Act to prevent or refuse the removal from service of a meter for one of the purposes listed above.

Electricity and natural gas utilities or other service providers, or their representatives, may also request to remove meters from service to replace them with another model for purposes not required under the Act and Regulations. Such meter removals may be subject to policies or regulations of other governing jurisdictions such as provincial energy boards.

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