Archived — Second consultation on the integration of LMB-EG-08 with S-G-03

Measurement Canada (MC) is seeking comments from the public and industry stakeholders on changes to draft revision 1 of specification S-G-03 that integrates specification LMB-EG-08 on gas meter type approvals and further updates. The consultation period begins on , and ends on .


Last December, MC conducted an initial consultation on the integration of MC specifications LMB-EG-08 with MC specifications S-G-03, which pertain to gas meter type approvals. The three-month consultation period ended on .

Following comments received, MC has made changes to the maximum permissible error values for diaphragm gas meters, rotary meters and mass flow meters. MC has also lowered the acceptable beta ratio for orifice meters. In addition, certain sections have been reformatted.

Please forward comments in writing to the undersigned by .

Christian Bonneau
Senior Program Officer – Gas Measurement
Program Development Directorate
Telephone: 613-946-6774
Fax: 613-952-1736

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