Buying measured goods

Learn about buying measured goods such as firewood, gasoline, propane, produce from farmers' markets and electricity.

Services and information

Effect of automatic temperature compensation on fuel sales

Understand the effect of automatic temperature compensation on fuel sales.

Buying firewood

Find out how firewood is bought, sold and measured.

Buying propane

Find out how propane for your barbecue is bought, sold and measured.

Fair measure for all

Be sure that what you're buying is accurately measured.

Cash for gold

Understand how your gold and other precious metals are weighed for sale.

Farmers' markets

Learn how to get what you pay for at farmers' markets.

Qs & As on electricity meters (including smart meters)

Find answers to your questions about electricity meters, including questions about smart meters, billing, inspections and meter seals.

Electricity and gas meters

Meter accuracy, meter readings when moving and removing meters from service.

Buying desserts by weight

Find out how desserts are bought, sold and measured.

Gas pumps

Gas pumps accuracy, compliance rates, inspection sticker.

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