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You're invited to provide comments on the proposal to begin regulating thermal energy meters (also called BTU (British thermal unit) meters and heat meters).

Thermal energy meters

Thermal energy meters measure the amount of heat energy given up or absorbed by a liquid in a heat exchange circuit (e.g. a radiator). These meters are used to measure the amount of heat energy used by a customer for the purpose of billing.

Thermal energy meters can be used with:

Thermal energy meters consist of three main parts:


There are currently no specific requirements for thermal energy meters within the Weights and Measures Act and Regulations. While thermal energy meters are not exempt from the requirement to be approved and inspected prior to use in trade, Measurement Canada has not previously evaluated these devices.

The proposed requirements and program for the regulation of thermal energy meters would provide a framework for Measurement Canada to approve and inspect these devices.


We are seeking input from all interested Canadians, including:


You are invited to provide input on the following:

Trade sector review overview

In 2010, Measurement Canada completed a trade sector review in consultation with public stakeholders which focused on the steam and thermal energy sub-sectors. The recommendations of this review were as follows:

Measurement Canada will now begin to implement these recommendations.

Terms and conditions overview

The Terms and Conditions for the Approval of Thermal Energy Meters:

The terms and conditions do not include requirements for billing, invoicing and pricing since they fall outside of Measurement Canada's mandate.

Program outline

Measurement Canada's program for the regulation of thermal energy meters will have three main parts:

Each part will be introduced at different times. The program outline includes an implementation timetable and the program details.

When and where

The consultation is available online between , and .

How to participate

  1. Review the consultation documents:
  2. Provide feedback in any of the following ways:
    • complete the thermal energy consultation questionnaire
    • send an email to Justin Rae (write "thermal energy consultation" in the email subject line)
    • send a letter to the address listed below in the Contact Information section

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