Bulletin V-30—Pilot program for the approval of thermal energy meters

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Note: No further applications to the pilot program for the approval of thermal energy meters are being accepted. Any applications received after March 29, 2019, will be kept on file to be processed at the completion of the program.

Table of contents

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this bulletin is to detail the pilot program for the approval of thermal energy meters carried out in accordance with the Weights and Measures Act.

2.0 Scope

This bulletin applies to manufacturers, importers, dealers, utilities, etc., who want to apply for the approval of a thermal energy meter.

3.0 References

4.0 Pilot program

The first applications for the approval of thermal energy meters will be evaluated under a pilot program. This will help Measurement Canada (MC) manage the anticipated workload and develop expertise in regard to these meters. MC will begin accepting applications for the approval of thermal energy meters on April 3, 2018. No applications will be accepted before this date.

MC will divide the meters into three categories based on the capacity of their flow sensor: low flow, medium flow and high flow. The flow ranges of these categories will be defined based on the applications received. Three applications from each category will be selected and the meters will be evaluated in the following order:

  1. Low flow category
  2. Medium flow category
  3. High flow category

The meters will be evaluated against the requirements found in the documents cited in the References section of this bulletin.

Notices of approval will only be issued once all the meters in a particular category have been evaluated.

Applications to the pilot program will be processed on a first come, first serve basis. Applicants may have to provide access to suitable test facilities and equipment in order for MC to evaluate their meter. At the completion of the pilot program, all applications will be accepted.

4.1 Selection criteria

Acceptance to the pilot program will preferentially be given to applications that meet the following criteria:

  1. The meter submitted for approval has been certified in another jurisdiction (e.g. Europe) as meeting an equivalent technical standard (see the Equivalent Standards section). This will typically be in the form of a valid certificate declaring conformity with the standard.
  2. Complete test results (from an ISO 17025-accredited laboratory, a national metrology institute, or equivalent) supporting the certification referenced in 1) are available and can be supplied to MC.
  3. The applicant can arrange for access to test facilities and equipment that MC does not have access to and are required to complete all necessary testing. (The most likely need will be for facilities to evaluate the flow sensor portion of the meter.)

Despite these criteria, acceptance to the pilot program is at the sole discretion of MC. Applicants whose meters were not accepted will be informed and their application kept on file to be processed at the completion of the pilot program. Any company or organization interested in having its meters approved is encouraged to apply, whether or not the application meets the selection criteria.

4.2 Equivalent standards

For the purposes of the pilot program, the following standards are considered as equivalent to MC's Terms and Conditions for the Approval of Thermal Energy Meters:

4.3 Applying for approval

Applicants must provide all the information required to evaluate their application, as per sections 14 and 15 of the Weights and Measures Regulations, including:

Applications will be accepted starting April 3, 2018, on a first come, first serve basis, until a sufficient number of meters have been selected.

Once an application has been received, it will be reviewed and a determination made as to whether it will be accepted to the pilot program. Preference will be given to applications that meet the criteria listed in section 4.1 above. However, if an insufficient number of applications meeting the criteria are received, other applications will be considered.

Should an application be accepted to the pilot program, applicants must be prepared to provide, in accordance with section 16 of the Weights and Measures Regulations, one or more meters as well as any information, equipment, material and services required to evaluate the meter(s).

4.4 Application instructions

In the application form found in the How to Apply section of the Apply for a type approval of volumetric liquid measuring devices or auxiliary device page, select the Volumetric Liquid Measuring Devices radio button and provide all of the required information. Do not select the New Notice of Approval or the Revision to an Existing Approval and Modification Acceptance Letter radio button.

In addition to the completed application form, provide the following information about the thermal energy meter being applied for:

Send the completed form and the additional required information to MC by email, fax or mail. The contact information is listed in the application form. MC will acknowledge receipt of your application.

Do not send any meters until requested.

4.5 Fees and charges

Fees and charges related to testing are detailed in Part IV of the Weights and Measures Regulations. The applicant is expected to provide for access to and use of appropriate test facilities and equipment at their expense if required by MC to complete all the necessary testing. Applicants will also be expected to pay any charges for shipping meters or equipment to and from MC's laboratory or third-party test facilities.

Further information on MC's shipping policies can be found on the Shipping Requirements page.

4.6 Test procedures

The Terms and Conditions for the Approval of Thermal Energy Meters do not contain test procedures. Where possible, MC will follow the test procedures outlined in CEN-EN 1434 and OIML's R 75. However, these procedures may need to be adapted to the equipment and facilities available to MC and to its device testing policy. MC has sole discretion in determining which test procedures will be used to evaluate a meter's conformity with the Terms and Conditions for the Approval of Thermal Energy Meters.

5.0 Contact information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this bulletin, please contact the undersigned.

Justin Rae
Senior Program Officer
151 Tunney's Pasture Driveway
Ottawa, ON K1A 0C9
Telephone: 613-617-6414

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