Options – Quebec

If you have tried the options described in the Before You Go Further section other options apply to you (see below).

Voluntary Deposit
Voluntary deposit is a measure contained in the Code of Civil Procedure that allows you to repay your debts by depositing with the Court a portion of your earnings determined by law. The amount deposited is then distributed to creditors proportionally to their claims. To learn more about the voluntary deposit process, please visit the Justice Québec website.

Consumer Proposal
A consumer proposal is an offer made by a debtor (through a trustee in bankruptcy or a person appointed by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy to administer consumer proposals) to his or her creditors to modify his or her payments. To learn more about consumer proposals visit the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy website.

Bankruptcy is a legal process performed under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. Because of your inability to pay your debts, you assign all of your assets, except those exempt by provincial law, to a licensed trustee in bankruptcy. This process relieves you of most debts, and legal proceedings against you by creditors should stop. To learn more about bankruptcy visit the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy website.

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