Archived—Research Project Summaries 2008-2009

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Project Summaries 2008-2009
Project Project Detail Contribution Amount
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives — British Columbia Office
1. What's in a Scan? How Well Are Consumers Informed About the Benefits and Harms Related to Screening Technology (PET and CT scans) in Canada? Detail $98,865
Total:   $98,865
Consumers Council of Canada (CCC)
1. Credit Insurance — Are Consumers Being Well Served? Detail $48,000
2. Long Distance Phone Cards — Are Consumers Satisfied? Detail $44,000
3. Renovation Rip-offs: Problems and Solutions Detail $46,000
4. Sustainable Household Consumption: Key Considerations For a Canadian Strategy Detail $54,500
5. The Ontario Smart Metering Initiative — What Does it Mean for Ontario's Residential Consumers Detail $49,500
Total:   $242,000
Consumer Interest Alliance Inc.
1. Assessing Access to Basic Banking Services for Very Low Income Consumers Detail $39,200
2. Proposal for Establishing Co-ordinated Consumer Representation on Federal and Provincial Committees Responsible for National Codes for Buildings Detail $81,200
Total:   $120,400
Option consommateurs
1. Notice to Participants in Class Actions: Effective Communications Strategy? Detail $34,100
2. Cell Phones and Young People's Debt: An Update Detail $36,600
3. Telecommunications Companies: Incomprehensible Single Invoicing Detail $36,600
4. Credit Cards: New Solutions for Better Consumer Protection? Detail $32,600
5. Non-traditional Mortgage Products Detail $47,100
6. Use of Credit Files for Non-financial Purposes Detail $32,350
Total:   $219,350
Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC)
1. A Do Not Track List for Canada? Detail $47,500
2. Consumer Perspective of the Trade and Commerce Power Detail $45,000
3. Credit Cards and Access to Credit in the Digital Marketplace: A Priceless Necessity for Consumers Detail $40,000
4. Fee for Carriage — BDU Regulation II Detail $14,250
5. Holding the Purse Strings: Regulating Financial Planners Detail $60,000
6. Net Neutrality — What it Means for Canadian Consumers Detail $75,000
7. Practice of Extra Charges in the Canadian Marketplace Detail $50,250
Total:   $332,000
Union des consommateurs
1. Consumer Arbitration: A Fair and Effective Process? Detail $36,790
2. Complaint Processing in the Financial Sector: Consumer Accessibility Detail $33,040
3. Consumer Contracts: When is it OK to Change the Rules of the Game? Detail $32,665
4. Consumer Recourse: Who Can We Turn To To Effectively Resolve Certain Consumer Disputes? Detail $46,150
5. Small Consumer Loans: What To Do? Detail $40,350
6. Consideration of Low-income Consumers in the Delivery of Telecommunications Services: How is Canada Doing? Detail $34,515
7. Consumer Advocacy Recognition Criteria Detail $20,950
8. Debt Overload: Prevent Rather Than Cure Detail $39,725
Total:   $284,185
Grand Total:   $1,296,800