About the Consumer Research Post

The Office of Consumer Affairs of Industry Canada offers the Consumer Research Post, an e-Bulletin, which aims to provide voluntary and consumer organizations, as well as consumer affairs professionals from academia and governments, with timely and relevant consumer affairs information and research.

Information on the Consumer Research Post will assist them in their efforts to be proactive, and effectively contribute in policy decision-making in the consumer interest. The Consumer Research Post also serves to increase sharing of information and networking within the consumer movement and with the Office of Consumer Affairs.

More specifically, subscribers will be informed on:

  • Industry Canada consumer news
  • Developments in the Canadian consumer movement
  • Upcoming government, legislative and policy reviews / consultations / reports
  • Upcoming national and international conferences in the consumer interest
  • Marketplace developments

Postings remain on the main page of the Consumer Research Post for up to 30 days. After 30 days, content is moved and added to the archives. All content is archived by the year and month in which it was first posted.