2009-10 Project Summaries: Contributions Program for Non-Profit Consumer and Voluntary Organizations

2009-2010 Research Projects
Project Project Detail Contribution Amount
Automobile Protection Association
APA Investigation of Existing and New Regulations Covering Used Vehicle Retailing in Three Canadian Markets Details $93,400
Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs (FRP Canada)
Vulnerable Families as E-Consumers: Current Attitudes, Behaviours and Barriers to E-Information Details $73,576
Coalition des associations de consommateurs du Québec
Unsolicited offers of credit in the mail: between dream and reality Details $48,044
Consumers’ Association of Canada (Manitoba) Inc.
How Safe if our Food? Consumer Perception of Food Safety in Canada Details $60,210
Consumers Council of Canada
1. Consumer Groups’ Capacity to Assess Potential Consumer Impacts of Policy Proposals Details $56,700
2. Mapping the Changing Landscape of Wireless Plans Details $53,700
3. Tax Free Savings Accounts – Early Experience (TFSA) Details $58,700
4. What Assures Canadian Consumers? Enhancing Credibility and Confidence of Claims made About Social Responsibility Details $58,075
Option consommateurs
1. Displaying prices by unit of measurement: a useful “measure”? Details $52,300
2. Awareness of energy efficiency in populations with low literacy levels Details $51,000
3. Customer service from telecommunications carriers: do you have the right number? Details $51,000
4. The hidden side of online credit Details 2009/10 – $46,000
2010/11 – $46,500
5. Claim forms used in class actions: when defending your rights becomes too difficult a task Details $36,100
6. “Spend to save” products: Characteristics and consumer understanding Details $51,000
7. Are discounts really discounts? Regulation and case study in the mattress and furniture market Details 2009/10 – $31,300
2010/11 – $24,800
Public Interest Advocacy Centre
1. A Rate of Criminal Interest: Updating Garland for Consumers Details $21,000
2. Can we CAN SPAM in Canada? Details $43,000
3. Is Broadband Basic Service? Details $39,000
4. The Consumer Brief for Telecom Reform Details $34,250
5. Whitelisting for Cyber Security: What it Means for Consumers? Details $27,500
Union des consommateurs
1. Information about financial products and vulnerable clienteles Details $45,250
2. Access to auto and home insurance: an issue? Details $51,110
3. The end-user licence: do you accept all of the conditions? Details $40,477
4. Effective recourse in personal insurance Details $39,080
5. Personal loans via Internet platforms: a financial service of the future? Details $38,040
6. Tie-in sales: issues for the consumer Details $38,220
7. New modes of consumption: the alternative of barter Details $50,435
8. For energy efficiency (EE): an energy rating for houses Details $43,900