Project Summaries 2010-2011 - Automobile Protection Association

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Auto Repair Investigation 2010-2011


Automobile repair and service are evaluated at around 15 billion dollars annually. Several APA studies of auto repairs have revealed that overselling of parts by the large chain stores occurred in a third to a half of the stores visited.

The APA will do a research project to investigate the performance of auto repair facilities in two Canadian cities.

APA’s presence in the marketplace in the project year will provide an indication of automobile service in a rapidly evolving market. APA’s most recent investigation of repair shops funded by the Office of Consumer Affairs was undertaken in 2003 and included Canada’s four largest cities. The results indicated there is reason to be concerned about the competence and even more significantly, the integrity of repair shops belonging to national and regional chains.

Expected Outcome

The APA believes the repair industry has considerable improvements to make, and the proposed investigation will challenge industry associations and top brass at the large chains to implement solutions.