Consumer Impact Assessment


Assessing consumer impacts using this guide can help ensure greater success and consumer acceptance of proposed policies and regulations. Analysts are invited to work through the questions in this guide, seek assistance from consumer groups where appropriate, and organize their offices to ensure greater receptivity to consumer input.

It is recognized, however, that there are situations in which qualitative or quantitative impacts simply cannot be calculated, or where legal and political imperatives give policy analysts and decision makers very little room to manoeuvre. In such cases, the information in this guide should be equally helpful in carrying out post-implementation analysis, and in allowing policy-makers to develop recommendations for appropriate adjustments, when needed, to mitigate unintended consumer harm.

Analysts may wish to contact the Office of Consumer Affairs ( for assistance in locating consumer research that is relevant to their subject area or to seek information about national and international consumer policy and research communities that may have information and tools available to help them with their consumer impact assessments.

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