2011–12 Project Summaries: Contributions Program for Non-profit Consumer and Voluntary Organizations

2011-2012 Research Projects
Project Project Detail Contribution Amount
Association des consommateurs pour la qualité dans la construction
Pre-purchase real estate inspections: Better protection for buyers and sellers Details $48,120
Consumers Council of Canada
Smartphones: Are They Helping Consumers be Smarter Consumers? Details $74,900
Homeowner Protection Centre
Radon: A Cause for Concern for Homeowners? Details $51,300
My Sustainable Canada Inc.
1. Identifying Gaps in Consumer Protection in the Repair, Resale and Reuse Market in Canada Details $92,500
2. Assessing the Degree to which Retailers are Currently Shaping Consumer Preferences for Energy and Water Conserving Products Details $64,300
Option consommateurs
1. Bloggers or sponsors: The true identity of undercover advertisers Details $50,800
2. Class action forms: Forms for legal officers who work in the field of class action lawsuits Details $66,800
3. Bait and switch selling – Collecting information in the electronics market and a survey on consumers’ knowledge of and experiences with misleading business practices Details $70,800
4. Issues related to penny auction Internet sites Details $66,500
5. Umbrella mortgages: Advantages and disadvantages of the real estate warranty deed Details $67,300
6. The most effective methods for transferring knowledge about energy efficiency to low-income consumers Details $53,300
Public Interest Advocacy Centre
1. Consumers and Wireless Data Roaming Fees Details $51,000
2. Pursestrings Attached: Towards a Financial Planning Regulatory Framework Details $74,000
3.The Consumer Interest in Securities Regulation: Do Consumers Benefit from a National Securities Regulator? Details $88,000
4. The Consumer Interest in Spectrum Auctions Details $53,500
5. Transparency in Broadband Advertising to Canadian Consumers Details $76,000
Union des consommateurs
1. Adequacy of legal warranty plans in Canada Details $76,721
2. How young people view credit: Predictable debt overload? Details $73,255