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Environmental Labelling Programs - Ecolabels

Ecolabel programs authorize the use of environmental logos on products or services that meet a strict set of criteria. These ecolabels indicate an overall environmental preferability of a product or service within a particular product or service category based on life cycle “considerations,” although not necessarily a more complex full life cycle assessment. Some ecolabels are created and managed on a national level while others are international in scope. They may be administered by government bodies or private sector labelling standards organizations, and typically involve certification by legitimate and independent third party organizations.


The Canadian EcoLogo Program, also referred to as “Environmental Choice,” helps consumers identify environmentally preferable products and services. EcoLogo is based on the International Standards Organization ISO 14024 standard for ecolabelling and is managed by TerraChoice. Products that display the EcoLogo have been verified by a third party to ensure their environmental claims are credible. Currently over 7,000 products are EcoLogo certified, including: paint, insulation, flooring, cleaning products, paper, tissue, electricity, printing inks, office furniture and equipment.

A number of other international ecolabels may also appear on products found on Canadian shelves, including the Green Seal (United States), the Flower (European Union Ecolabel), Blue Angel (Germany) and the Nordic Swan (Scandinavia). Below are the logos for these most recognized third party-verified ecolabels consumers may come across in Canada:

Blue Angel (Germany)
Nordic Swan Label
Nordic Swan Label (Scandanavia)

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