2012–13 Project Summaries: Contributions Program for Non-profit Consumer and Voluntary Organizations

2012-2013 Research Projects
Project Project Detail Contribution Amount
Association des consommateurs pour la qualité dans la construction
1. Use of Small Claims Courts by Consumer in Construction-Related Disputes Details $60,857
2. Can Seller Disclosure be Improved to Better Protect Parties During a Real Estate Transaction? Details $57,760
Automobile Consumer Coalition
Classifieds Websites and Used Car Purchases in Canada: Would Government Regulation Better Protect Consumers? Details $64,750
Consumers Council of Canada
Consumer Impact of Emerging Cyber Threats on Mobile Devices Details $75,550
Homeowner Protection Centre
Rental of Hot Water Heaters, HRV's and Furnaces: A Consumer Rip Off? Details $76,200
My Sustainable Canada Inc.
Are Consumers Protected by Retailer Choice Editing? Details $71,800
Option consommateurs
1. Digital Divide: Time, Money and Complexity Costs for Non-Internet Users Details $66,840
2. The Credit Report: a Tool for Alternative Justice? Details $43,290
3. Undersizing: Canadian and International Trends and Regulations Details $47,540
4. Tanning Salons Under the Spotlight! Details $60,040
Public Interest Advocacy Centre
1. Customer Loyalty Programs - Are Rules Needed? Details $66,500
2. Deal of the Day? Consumer Protection in Online Group Buying Deals Details $70,000
3. No Such Thing as a Free Lunch: Consumer Contracts and "Free" Services Details $66,000
4. Shopping for Consumer Protection: Current Jurisdictional Issues Details $75,200
Union des consommateurs
1. Medium Income Quebec Consumers and Financial Management: Who to Turn to? Details $87,515
2. The Usage Limits of Mobile Internet Services: Information and Protection of Consumers Details $46,353
3. Proliferation of Redress Procedures Details $57,893