2012–13 Project Summaries: Homeowner Protection Centre

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Rental of Hot Water Heaters, HRV's and Furnaces: A Consumer Rip Off?

The market for domestic hot water heaters, heat recovery ventilators (HRV’s) and furnaces is changing. Standard efficiency units are being replaced by higher efficiency models. This project will assess consumer knowledge of "rent/buy" options for water heaters, furnaces and ventilation equipment. It will review the approach to sales, including door-to-door sales programs and the steps that should be taken to protect consumers in the context of door-to-door sales, particularly with respect to vulnerable consumers. It will also review the product warranties that accompany both the purchase and lease schemes.

Expected Results

This project will seek to assess consumer knowledge of rent/buy options for water heaters, furnaces and ventilation equipment. The final report will provide recommendations on next steps to increase industry and consumer awareness. Finally, the report will identify the type of information and education Canadians may need to improve awareness and knowledge of their options so they can make informed decisions.