2013–14 Project Summaries: Option consommateurs

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1. Virtual debit card: are consumers well protected?

OC wants to gain a better understanding of two virtual debit payment methods (Visa Debit Card and Virtual Visa Debit), by providing a complete picture and making recommendations aimed at promoting the healthy development of this market.

2. The ups and downs of long-term financing

OC will profile the long-term financing industry to evaluate the scale of this practice on the market along with its key players. OC will also study the consumers of these financing methods by asking such questions as: What goods can consumers buy with this type of financing and what credit access method is most often used? Why do consumers use this type of financing?

3. Consumer credit: What do newcomers know about it?

OC will observe and analyze what newcomers understand about credit offers and whether they have the tools and information required to know what they are getting into. The results of this research will provide a better understanding of the vulnerability of newcomers and their need for financial literacy.

4. Food deserts: towards an overall solution

According to OC, access to healthy, good quality, affordable food is rare in food deserts. People who live in these deserts are often forced to shop in convenience stores or dollar stores containing mostly processed foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients, thus increasing the likelihood of having health and obesity problems. OC's research will provide a better understanding of the causes, history and possible solutions to food deserts by reviewing previous studies. All of the work conducted by OC will be used to find solutions adjusted to Canada.