2014–15 Project Summaries: Consumers Council of Canada

Consumers Council of Canada
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1. Consumer Experiences in Online Payday Loans

The CCC proposes to conduct an online audit – a detailed examination of the online payday loan services available to typical Canadian consumers. This project will also include gathering information about the history of payday loans in Canada, how provincial rules differ and apply to online payday loans, legalities of foreign loan providers and recent legislative developments. CCC will also interview selected industry participants to enhance their research.

2. Stuck in the Middle: Consumers, Transaction Fees and Loyalty Programs

CCC will examine where the consumer interest lies in regards to higher credit card transaction costs related to rewards from loyalty programs. CCC will produce a report that will contain publicly available information on different dimensions of this issue so that consumer groups are better able to contribute to the public discussion on this issue. The views of key market participants will be sought and focus group evidence on how typical Canadian consumers will provide a view to some of the contemplated changes.

3. Options for a sustained institutional role for consumer organizations in internal trade harmonization initiatives

This research will seek out options for a sustained institutional role for consumer organizations as non-government stakeholders representing consumer interests in internal trade initiatives.