2014–15 Project Summaries: Option consommateurs

Option consommateurs
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1. The cost of getting something free: should limits be imposed on the collection of personal information as part of online behavioural advertising?

OC will analyze the social acceptability and the problems associated with collecting various types of personal information online, and will assess the need for additional protections for consumers who are targeted by online behavioral advertising.

2. There will be pie in the sky when you die: a look at retirement planning tools offered by financial institutions

OC will select retirement preparation tools offered by financial institutions in order to categorize them, and then have the quality of their contents assessed by experts. OC will also conduct semi-directed interviews with consumers who have used these tools in order to determine what they remember of, and understand about, them. OC will also study the knowledge acquired by consumers who use these tools to become better informed.

3. Canadian Viewpoints on the Harmonization of Consumer Protection Standards

Retailers who wish to sell their products in several Canadian jurisdictions may have to comply with a variety of rules and standards which may increase marketing costs and legal risks. Ultimately, consumers may end up paying for these extra costs. This project will then attempt to answer the following questions: What is the situation in terms of consumer protection rules and standards in Canada? Do Canadians know that they there may be different safeguards in each jurisdiction? Do they have any knowledge of the variances in rules and standards? Would they like to see further aligning of legislation?