2014–15 Project Summaries: Public Interest Advocacy Centre

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1. Off the grid? Pinpointing Location-Based Technologies and the Law

Through a detailed literature review, comparative analysis of other jurisdictions, and a national telephone survey of consumer attitudes, PIAC will assess the suitability of the legal and regulatory framework applicable to location-based services in light of Canadians' attitudes and growing privacy concerns. The core of the proposed work will be assessing whether Canada has sufficient protections in place to address the risks posed by location-based technologies (LBTs), including whether consumers have sufficient disclosure as to how and when telecommunications service providers collect and use location-based personal information.

2. Dispute Resolution in Internal Trade Agreements

This project will examine the prospect of amending the dispute resolution and enforcement regimes in a future agreement on internal trade providing greater accessibility for stakeholders including consumers. This study consists of a comparative review of dispute resolution mechanisms in existing trade agreements with the objective of identifying best practices for application in Canada. In addition, the study will review dispute resolution enforcement regimes found in other jurisdictions and suggest alternatives for policy makers.