2015–16 Project Summaries: Option consommateurs

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Paying to disappear: Legal and commercial aspects of the right to be forgotten in Canada

Consumers' private lives can be exposed on the web in many ways. Details of one's private life can be exposed in the public sphere when personal information is reported in the media and on the internet; such information can live forever on the web. For Canadians, making this information disappear from the web is a difficult task. In this project, OC will attempt to answer the following research questions: What are the rights of Canadians concerned by harmful information about them on the web? What are the practices of major search engines in Canada? What is the situation in the EU and the U.S.? What paid services are available to Canadian consumers who wish to have information about them removed from the web? How do these services compare to the EU right to be forgotten? Are there certain categories of information that individuals should be entitled to remove from the web? How can we better protect consumers?