2017–18 Project Summaries: Union des consommateurs

Union des consommateurs
201-7000 Parc Avenue
Montréal, QC H3N 1X1
Tel.: (514) 521-6820
Toll Free: 1-888-521-6820
Fax: (514) 521-0736

Native advertising: information or illusion?

Union des consommateurs will provide a better picture of the prevalence and the uses of Native advertising in Canada. Native advertising is an increasingly popular marketing technique whereby the advertisement imitates the form and style of the platform on which it is run. This study will assess the disclosure of the promotional nature of this type of content, evaluate if Canadian representation and infomercial standards are sufficient and if online media outlets properly understand and respect these standards.

Telecommunications and customer service: Where are we?

Union des consommateurs will examine consumers’ main problems when dealing with the telecommunications service providers’ customer service and look at the available solutions in Canada.

Are businesses’ support forums reliable?

Union des consommateurs will examine whether business support forums provide customer service that meets the business’ policy statement, as well as disclosure obligations for warranties, privacy protection and copyright.

Discounts at what cost? Communications services and promotional pricing: a closer look

Union des consommateurs will study the quality of promotional information disclosed to consumers by communication service providers, including information about regular prices, discount values, contract types and durations, and one-time and recurring fees that may be added to advertised prices.