Archived — Catriona Brown

Year: 2012 — Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Nightingale Preschool and Junior Kindergarten Limited
1340 Balmoral Road
Victoria, British Columbia V8R 1L7

Contact Info:
Phone: 250-595-7544
Email: Catriona Brown
Website: Nightingale Preschool and Junior Kindergarten Limited

Type of setting: Preschool and junior kindergarten for ages 2.5 to 5.5 years

Philosophy of care

Catriona Brown's daycare centre is a place where imagination and education take centre stage. Built around a growing tree wall with pictures of children and their families, Brown's space features fairy gardens, sunken boats and special playhouses. And when the children read a book, the whole centre undergoes a transformation—from snacks, to the role-play area, to props and costumes.

Support of child development

  • Brown and her team prepare reading packs for the children for when they are ready and interested in learning to read. The pack contains a book, information to parents on how to facilitate the child's reading, a word ring with words the child is learning and a reading report to map progress.
  • Brown organizes a yearly Festival of Cultures for both children and parents. The event features a variety of activities that allow families to share traditions from their countries of origin and the proceeds go to the centre's foster child in Africa.
  • Biscuit, the school's bear, visits a child's home overnight. Dressed up with a backpack and a disposable camera, Biscuit has his photo taken by the child in their home and parents write a short note about Biscuit's evening. The next day, children share their adventure with their classmates and communicate a little about their life at home.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • Parents regularly receive newsletter emails from Brown that outline the upcoming school themes and the activities and books related to the theme.
  • Brown offers parents a kindergarten information evening to facilitate a network for families with children already attending kindergarten.
  • Brown also organizes a graduation party for children heading to kindergarten and hands out progression books and graduation certificates.
  • Brown and her team create interactive displays for the walls every six weeks that document with photos and captions what the children have been learned.

Rave reviews

While in Tronie's program, [our daughter] regularly displayed enthusiasm, excitement and eagerness for attending pre-school. She simply couldn't get enough.


Our children have loved going to preschool – my youngest follows in his brother's footsteps! In fact, it is a struggle to get him to leave at pick-up time! Once again my husband and I consider it a privilege to have had our children learning and interacting with Tronie at her facility.


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