Archived — Ingrid Keen

Year: 2012 — Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Lilliput at University of British Columbia (UBC) Childcare Services
2881 Acadis Road
Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 1S1

Contact Info:
Phone: 604-822-6151
Email: Ingrid Keen
Website: UBC Child Care Services

Type of setting: Childcare centre for children ages 18 months to 3 years

Philosophy of care

What goes in the wagon first, and how many weeds should we pull from the garden today? These are important decisions for children, and Ingrid Keen makes sure she knows the answer. Kind and caring, Keen slows down and takes the time to pay attention to the smallest of details, getting to know each child, their interests and their dreams.

Support of child development

  • Keen incorporates national and global issues into her programming. She tells her students about local kitten rescues, sporting events or national celebrations. They discuss the stories, play with props to act out the stories and track the stories over time.
  • Keen leaves no child behind, consistently adapting her program and providing additional support when needed. In one such example, she set up a special reading corner for children to speak English as a second language, providing props that can be used to better explain the story.
  • Keen makes sure that schedules are individualized based on the needs and interests of the children rather than a rigid schedule. She will organize a spontaneous field trip, vary play times or hold a random picnic; anything to keep children interested and happy.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • Keen listens to families for cues on how to make each child feel comfortable. She provides books, images, and foods that promote a child's home language or culture.
  • Keen is always keen to provide support and resources to families and shows an understanding of the diversity of families in her care.
  • Keen regularly organizes potlucks where cultural practices and languages are included as a matter of course. She also incorporates local community events and activities into her learning environment.

Rave reviews

What stands out is Ingrid's deep connection to each individual child. She is like a grounding rod, bringing everything to the level of the child before her. (…) To see this is simply incredible.


Although my child has sadly aged out of Lillliput now, she still talks of Ingrid often and visits whenever she can. (…) My daughter blossomed in her care and became a confident, loving, independent and intelligent child as a result.


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