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Archived — Kathleen McCabe

Year: 2012 — Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Creative Minds Early Learning Centre
5351 Camosun Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6N 2C4

Contact Info:
Phone: 604-263-4711
Email: Kathleen McCabe
Website: Creative Minds Early Learning Society

Type of setting: Childcare for children ages 3 to 5 years

Children deserve to be listened to.

Kathleen McCabe

Philosophy of care

Kathleen McCabe is a unique type of listener. As she taps into curiosities and follows up on questions with even more questions, McCabe guides inquisitive young learners through an exploration of the world both inside the classroom and all around them.

Support of child development

  • McCabe develops individual portfolios filled with photos and anecdotes, which allow each child to reflect on their own growth and celebrate their own achievements.
  • Through stories and the use of a SMARTBoard, McCabe encourages critical inquiry as the children discuss and discover relationships.
  • McCabe uses folk songs and games to incorporate the discovery of various cultures and languages.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • McCabe sends, and encourages her colleagues, to send regular emails to parents with updates and photos. McCabe has also created blogs in order to better connect with parents.
  • McCabe ensures that parents have access to an extensive library with resources about parenting and learning. She makes herself available to answer questions and talk about concerns.
  • McCabe also regularly connects with the local school, getting the children involved in fundraising and art projects. The students also visit the public library, the grocery store and paint shops and learn that their centre is part of a larger community.

Rave reviews

Just last week Kate was inspired to decorate the forest because the children had been working on decorating the inside of the childcare building. With rolls of streamers in their tiny hands, the children wove colours among the trees and then sang and played song games among the fallen leaves.

Staff and colleagues

The attributes of caring, respect, empathy and responsibility are all embedded in every facet of the program. Our children have been empowered to realize that, with the knowledge they obtain, they have the ability to take action and make a difference in the world.


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