Archived — Linda Murdoch

Year: 2012 — Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Marpole-Oakridge Community Centre Preschool
990 West 59th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia V6P 1X9

Contact Info:
Phone: 604-257-8180
Email: Linda Murdoch
Website: Marpole-Oakridge Community Centre

Type of setting: Community centre for children ages 3 and 4 years

Philosophy of care

As Linda Murdoch's students watch little baby eagles hatch, they embark on their own journeys of discovery and creativity. They build a large paper maché eagle, build nests and learn new vocabulary. Murdoch carefully observes her students and experiments with new activities to expand their views of the world around them.

Support of child development

  • Murdoch encourages all the children to interact and participate in all activities together. She makes sure that even those learning English feel comfortable and included.
  • To help children with the transition to daycare, Murdoch encourages them to bring an item from home. And often this object becomes the base for a class project.
  • Each year begins with a visit from Murdoch to each child's home. She regularly enlists parental help for translations and doesn't hesitate to ask for ideas.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • Murdoch prepares a yearly portfolio for each child that documents their journey of activities, photos and events. She involves the children heavily in the creation of these works of art.
  • Murdoch regularly organizes outings and get parents involved in the activities. On a trip to a local garden, parents surprised their children as they appeared like out of nowhere wearing costumes.
  • Murdoch jumps on opportunities to get children involved with the community. They partner with various programs, visit the senior centre and even make art for the opening ceremonies of a new playground.

Rave reviews

Linda's attention to details in all areas of the room makes Marpole Preschool an inviting and beautiful space for everyone. She was the consummate colleague always listening, sharing and collaborating with me. There are many good teachers, but few great ones. I was lucky to work with a Great One!


From my personal experience, I witnessed how Linda is sensitive to each child and aware of their uniqueness. (…) In my son's portfolio, there is detailed documentation about what was happening in the classroom, and my son's thoughts, ideas and feelings. I can see from the portfolio that Linda was aware of my son's interests, friendships, curiosities and developmental stage.


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