Archived — Shuana Richards

Year: 2012 — Province: Manitoba

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Morden Community Child Care Centre
5 Rampton Street
Morden, Manitoba R6M 1V8

Contact Info:
Phone: 204-822-6663
Email: Shuana Richards
Website: Morden Community Child Care Centre

Type of setting: Childcare centre for children ages 3 months to 12 years

Philosophy of care

With a philosophy of "inclusion for all," Shuana Richards ensures that each child who visits her centre has a positive and memorable experience. She works hard to create an environment that is stimulating for both the children and their educators. Even when things get hectic, Richards is known for being able to take the reins, get people moving and be happy doing it.

Support of child development

  • Always observing the children, Richards takes note of what they're involved in and plans activities according to their interests. She encourages staff to do the same and makes sure that their requests for equipment, toys and tools are always taken into consideration.
  • Richards hires staff from many cultures and diversities and implements their knowledge into the centre's programs.
  • With renovations underfoot, Richards carefully planned the spaces to accommodate interests and needs of both children and staff. Each room for example, has a dedicated science area with a science table to accommodate hands-on activities and additions like fish tanks and two outdoor sheds were added for special seasonal items.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • Richards is never too busy to take time and greet parents and children as they enter and leave the centre. She also organizes regular family lunches throughout the year so that parents and family have the opportunity to see what their children are up to during the day.
  • Always going the extra mile, Richards provides extra support and resources to families when necessary by supplying extra clothing, food, speech/language or occupational therapy and more.
  • Richards implemented regular parent/child conferences with staff to discuss children needs and how to best meet them through programming.

Rave reviews

Shuana is rooted in our children, families and staff lives each and every day; with her humbling, nurturing, professional, innovative, caring and fun-loving personality. Shuana hears, sees, and listens to what every child/family and staff need and provides support, leadership, mentoring and direction.

Board Chair

Under Shuana's direction and supervision we have accomplished a strong, diverse, nurturing centre. (…) Shuana is an outstanding director who goes above and beyond her expected duties to provide a safe and reliable environment for the children and staff.


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