Lisa Gallagher

    Year: 2012 — Province: Québec

    Certificate of Excellence Recipient

    Lisa Gallagher

    McGill Childcare Centre
    3491 Peel Street
    Montreal, Québec H3A 1W7

    Contact Info:
    Phone: 514-398-6943
    Email: Lisa Gallagher
    Website: McGill Childcare Centre

    Video Profile

    Type of setting: Childcare centre for ages 4 months to 5 years

    Grace under pressure: Lisa Gallagher has served as building manager, construction worker, and foreman all while continuing to meet the demands of her new job as executive director of a childcare centre almost doomed to close down. The respect of her team, love of her students and ultimately, the five-year renewal of the centre's permit are all hard-earned and well deserved accomplishments.

    Philosophy of Care

    No matter how busy her schedule gets, or how much she has on her plate, Lisa Gallagher makes sure that every person she communicates with feels like they are the most important person in the world. A leader that everyone wants to have on their team, Gallagher inspires her colleagues while making sure they function as a solid unit.

    Support of Child Development

    • Gallagher supports child development by promoting a strong unified team that is always productive and always positive. She embraces and encourages each individual teaching style and supports fresh ideas.
    • Gallagher partnered with the McGill physical education program to deliver a swimming program for the children.
    • Always supporting professional development, Gallagher regularly organizes workshops and invites speakers to inspire educators. She consistently reviews guidelines and handbooks and participates in a variety of associations and councils.

    Involvement with Parents, Families and the Community

    • Gallagher makes sure that parents are involved in the day-to-day work of the centre by encouraging committee participation.
    • Parents are involved in decisions regarding the centre and feel part of a community of people teaching their children together.

    Rave Reviews

    We walk through the hallways and enter the classrooms as parents first, and through our children's smiles, songs and painting we know there is no better daycare out there. (…) Lisa's hard work, dedication, love of children, and commitment to community is what makes this place work.

    Parents and board members

    Whether it's through supporting educators, renovating a building, playing restaurant with toddlers, or reporting to her board of directors, Lisa has built a centre that provides the highest level of care to children and families. I am proud to be part of this community.

    Assistant director