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Year: 2012 — Province: Saskatchewan

Certificate of Excellence Recipient

Christine Danyluk

Canora Junior Elementary School
P.O. Box 1150
Canora, Saskatchewan S0A 0L0

Contact Info:
Phone: 306-563-5945
Email: Christine Danyluk
Website: Canora Junior Elementary School

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Type of setting: Pre-kindergarten to grade 4 elementary school

We have to believe children are competent and capable and we have to set the bar high so they can be the best that they can be.

Christine Danyluk

Christine Danyluk can turn imagination into reality. She creates a colourful world that changes seamlessly with the seasons, where children have endless opportunities to be creative explorers and where they can take the lead to show the educators what interests them.

Philosophy of care

Danyluk seizes every opportunity for learning skills, manners and independence; at snack time children pour their own milk or juice, and clean up after themselves. Her classroom stimulates rather than forces activity and often extends beyond four walls.

Support of child development

  • Danyluk observes and reflects about each child and documents their actions and development through posters, books and bulletin board displays. Each of her students also has a binder of information that ends up being a personal portfolio of achievements and milestones.
  • Realizing that children are often more engaged in what they're doing when they're directing the way an activity unfolds, Danyluk finds ways to keep them involved and interested. She sets up her room like a doctor's office, builds real volcanoes, brings her students to visit horses on a farm and even sets up a shower curtain on the floor for the children to investigate raw and hard boiled eggs!
  • Danyluk teaches children about feelings and how they correlate with sensations in their body in order to help them become more aware and able to control their actions.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • Danyluk conducts a home visit to meet each child and their family on their own turf. She also asks families to participate in the planning of family events where everyone is invited to share their talents, expertise, culture and traditions.
  • Danyluk also hosts a parent group that meets once a week with a child and youth worker. The program teaches parenting skills and allows parents to meet other parents with children of a similar age, support each other and create lasting friendships.
  • Through a partnership with the local seniors' homes, Danyluk brings her students to sing and visit with the residents.

Rave reviews

I have learned that the environment of a child is sustained by more than just a paint colour and a great couch. It starts with the heart. With the warmth and dedication that Chris exudes and the actions and reactions she inspires, she is truly a visionary in fostering all areas in the development of our children.


Christine's excellence is widely recognized across the province and she has provided inspirational learning experiences for many educators.

Senior program and policy analyst, Saskatchewan Ministry of Education

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