Erin M. Pampu and Morgan Elizabeth Nadeau: Growing through the circle of education

Year: 2019 — Province: Alberta
Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Erin M .Pampu
Morgan Elizabeth Nadeau

McKernan Child Development Centre
Child care centre for children 6 months to 6 years
Edmonton, Alberta

"An educational team that truly sees and loves your child as a unique miracle today, ensures he feels heard and safe and is impassioned to unleash his creative potential for tomorrow is an extraordinarily rare entity."
— Parent and nominator

Erin Pampu and Morgan Nadeau bring their centre's mission of "children, families, and educators learning and growing together" to life by demonstrating leadership and innovation in supporting all children's development while involving families in their learning.

Philosophy of care

By engaging children where they are—especially those with extraordinary needs—Erin and Morgan learn from them and, in turn, use their new-found skills to enhance the children's development as new challenges arise. This learning growth—for children, teachers and families—is the circle of education.

Support of child development

  • Bridge learning to defined concepts in the curriculum: for example, children's interest in cars led to ramp building and children bringing a vehicular toy from home to "discover cause and effect."
  • Embrace risky play by regularly letting children romp in an open space equipped with bulky mats and balls, testing their body awareness and flirting with uncertainty.
  • Emphasize emotional development: children read books about emotions, draw faces showing different emotions, can reference a wall-mounted wheel with a spinning arrow featuring pictures of themselves exhibiting various emotions, and learn strategies for coping with strong emotions.
  • Foster social development through practical activities: visiting a senior's home with handmade cards and baking, collecting winter clothes for donation and gathering food for the food bank.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • Go the extra mile for families of children with special needs: offered observation time so parents of child with autism could see whether program was a good fit, then developed an individual program plan, with input from parents and child's early intervention team, and monitored child's progress.
  • Create and share research and resources with parents: for example, booklets based on training on risky play, transitions, dealing with emotions and language development, illustrated with examples of current children engaged in activities that exemplify the research cited.
  • Use Storypark to share narratives of group activities or events that show a child's development, relating each to the curriculum; busy families have said they find this communication invaluable.
  • Launched classroom question time and share notes from it with parents so they can get involved in the conversation and continue their children's learning at home.

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