Jessica Rose Landry: Helping children be the best versions of themselves

Year: 2019 — Province: Nova Scotia
Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Jessica Rose Landry.

Leeds Street Child Care Centre
Non-profit child care centre and demonstration school for children 4 months to 5 years
Halifax, Nova Scotia

"For the children, Jessica is a friend, a caregiver and someone that they can trust implicitly. Someone who truly sees and hears them and enables them to become the best versions of themselves each and every day."
— Parent and nominator

In her role—equal parts educator, administrator, partner and innovator—Jessica Landry enjoys a 360° view of the centre's operations. When coupled with her skill in and dedication to the profession, she has become a catalyst and facilitator of excellence for everyone at Leeds Street.

Philosophy of care

Jessica ensures programming is inclusive and co-created with the children, reflects the cultural, socio-economic and language diversity of the learners, and affirms their self-worth, belonging and sense of self to support their physical, emotional, social, cognitive, ethical and creative development.

Support of child development

  • Researches topics of interest to create unique learning activities, involving the children in the research (trips to the library) and bringing in experts: for example, children read and did activities based on a story about a girl dealing with difficult emotions as part of a university research project.
  • Introduced "learning stories" to children's portfolios—narratives written to the child featuring observations, details of a hurdle overcome and an accomplishment that made both the teacher and child proud: the stories validate learning and allow children to see that their work is respected.
  • Gets the children out into the world through field trips and special events: learning about bridges led to a walk to a local one to see how it stayed up; travelling to a farm in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley focused on learning about the environment, local industry and how food gets to the table.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • Involved parents in developing an outdoor natural playground when barriers arose to pursuing a bigger plan: introduced parents to the benefits of loose parts play, giving them a wish list of items to source (wire spools, tires, logs) and projects to fundraise for, such as building two teepees.
  • Seeks out activities of cultural and community importance to expose children to, including two government announcements at the centre about accessibility, an Indigenous gathering and powwow-style dance competition, and a ride in a dragon boat.
  • Partnered with nearby church community garden committee to have a plot at the centre for children to plant, water and harvest fruit and vegetables; once a year, the children bake treats for the church to show their gratitude for allowing them to participate in the initiative.

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