Marie-Pier Leduc: Always give more!

Year: 2019 — Province: Quebec
Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Marie Pier Leduc

Centre de la petite enfance La maison des Copains
Daycare (3 to 5 years)
Sainte-Martine, Quebec

"I want to express my admiration for Marie-Pier's involvement and the difference she has made for children of the Sainte-Martine community."
— Author of the nomination

The word "involvement" appears in every testimonial about Marie-Pier Leduc: involvement with children, parents, her early childhood centre, her community. A dynamic and responsive educator, she adapts her work to the needs of her young students by ensuring that every child receives the attention and follow-up they need to grow with confidence and joy.

Philosophy of care

Being very familiar with the HighScope program, Marie-Pier offers a daily routine that encourages children's sense of security, while allowing them to choose the activities in which they want to engage. The tots make decisions at their level, under their teacher's supervision.

Support of child development

  • Works with various professionals to fully support children with special needs and their parents.
  • Makes daily observations on each child according to the 58 key developmental indicators of the HighScope program and uses these to support learning.
  • Promotes the emotional wellbeing of each child by providing a customized transition with the parent during arrivals and departures.
  • Maintains regular contact with municipal services — library, pool — to facilitate off-site activities aimed at diversifying the children's learning.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • Very attentive to feedback from parents with a view to finding solutions to learning and developmental problems, always with the children's best interests at heart.
  • Member of many committees, including the Board of Directors of La Maison des Copains, where she assembles and rallies the team behind her, in keeping with the Board's decisions.
  • Offers training on the HighScope program to other teachers and willingly offers coaching to colleagues, especially new teachers.

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Centre de la petite enfance La maison des Copains
6, rue des Copains
Sainte-Martine, QC J0S 1V0

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