Martine Rodrigue and Yvonne Lacoursière: For the wellbeing of Aboriginal children

Year: 2019 — Province: Quebec
Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Martine Rodrigue
Yvonne Lacoursiere

Native Friendship Center in Val-d'Or
Native Friendship Center (2 to 5 years)
Val-d'Or, Quebec

"They are caring, committed, spontaneous and unifying educators. Without them, the work done with our families would not be the same."
— Colleague

Together, Martine Rodrigue and Yvonne Lacoursière have nearly 35 years of experience as educators in the Aboriginal Head Start in Urban and Northern Communities program. Their expertise and the relationships of trust they have forged make them true pillars of the Center and the whole community.

Philosophy of care

Martine and Yvonne put a special focus on the children's identity pride by showcasing the richness of Aboriginal culture in all of their actions. Working with a multidisciplinary team of professionals, they make children and family the focus of a holistic service offering that considers all spheres of life: body, mind, heart and soul.

Support of child development

  • Create activities that allow the children to learn and to enjoy enriching daily experiences despite the challenges they face within their family environments.
  • Set up individualized follow-up plans and regularly put the children into groups to meet common challenges in a more targeted way.
  • Show innovation in adapting their approach and tools to the specific needs and realities of children and their families and to Aboriginal culture and organizational guidelines.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • Work closely with other team members of the Native Friendship Center to develop and implement individualized care plans and referrals to psychosocial intervention services, as needed.
  • Often address parenting skills through group activities or individual follow-ups with parents and do not hesitate to get out of their role as educators to accompany them to appointments with outside professionals.
  • By intervening with families to prevent youth protection placements, Martine and Yvonne help preserve family bonds and strengthen the social fabric of the community.
  • Their vast knowledge of Anicinabe culture allows them to work with the community and to help children reclaim their culture and identity pride while developing their full potential as young citizens.

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