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Year: 2010-2011 – Province: Nova Scotia

Certificate of Excellence Recipient

Nathan Beeler

Charles P. Allen High School
670 Rocky Lake Drive
Bedford, NS B4A 2T6

Principal: Jeff Lewis
School Tel.: 902–832–8964
School Fax: 902–832–8981
School Email:
School Website:

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Subjects and grades taught: Music for grades 10, 11 and 12

When Nathan Mr. Beeler picks up his conductor's baton, his students can make notes dance off their sheets of music. A talented musician in his own right, Mr. Beeler creates opportunities for students to collaborate, to be open to things they don't yet understand and to believe that they are part of something that is bigger than themselves. To them Mr. Beeler is not just a music teacher, but a teacher of life.

Teaching approach

In over ten years at Charles P. Allen (CPA), Mr. Beeler has made his own music heard and offered his students the opportunity to embrace the relationships that exist between everything they learn. Mr. Beeler creates colourful projects for his students, pulling knowledge, people and cultures together into beautiful harmonies like the instruments in an orchestra. Much of his success as a role model has lain in his advocacy of Canadian content in the high school music curriculum. It has secured once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for his students and shown them that working for something you believe in will bring success and fulfillment in your career.

Outstanding achievements

  • A school-wide initiative co-led by Mr. Beeler, "904 " was a fusion of visual art, sound, multimedia images, lighting, drama, and dance to creatively commemorate the Halifax Explosion of 1917. The production was one of 104 projects at the 2010 Halifax Art Festival "Nocturne: Art at Night " and the only one performed by a high school.
  • Spring break is never a break for Mr. Beeler. For three years, he has led cultural exchanges and performance programs to Cuba for his students who still rave about the trip, regardless of the paths they decided to pursue.
  • Mr. Beeler secured a $5,000 grant from the Nova Scotia Department of Tourism and Culture to commission a new Canadian music piece for the CPA wind ensemble. In Qawwali Party students worked with professional and world-class musicians. Composer Dinuk Wijeratne was impressed by Mr. Beeler's ability to interpret and technically achieve his vision in the final performance.

Rave reviews

"Mr. Beeler is a great teacher and mentor. He always made music interesting and his expectations for his students helped us grow as responsible adults."

Former student

"Mr. Beeler continues to offer these young minds incredible and invaluable insights into the techniques and genres of music that would normally lie way beyond the musical and cultural environment of his students. I highly commend him for this vision."

Collaborating composer, conductor and pianist

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