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Archived — Devon Caldwell

Year: 2012 – Province: Manitoba

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Oak Lake Community School, Fort La Bosse School Division
P.O. Box 7
Oak Lake, Manitoba R0M 1P0

Principal: Brenda Masson
School Tel.: 204–855–2242
School email:
School website:

Subjects and grades taught: mathematics, social studies, science, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), special education for kindergarten

Teaching Approach

Devon Caldwell doesn't have to worry about tardy students. Her issue is early students! Students just can't wait to get to her classes. Caldwell's own excitement to find new ways of incorporating the latest techie gadgets into her teaching fuels her students with a desire to learn. From tweeting with other classrooms around the world, to plotting spots on Google Maps, she regularly uses technology to show her students a world that exists beyond the classroom walls.

Outstanding Achievements

  • Caldwell's innovative teaching style resulted in a Canadian Microsoft Innovative Teachers' Award. Her project entitled From Tuned Out to Zoned In: Exceptional Technology for Exceptional Students uses media players to provide a more inclusive learning experience for students with special needs. The project also gained international acclaim at the Worldwide Teachers' Forum.
  • Media literacy skills are instilled at an early age. Caldwell and her kindergarten class were invited to Skype in and present to over 100 people at the Manitoba Education Media Literacy event in Winnipeg. Each student prepared and shared a slide in the presentation.
  • Caldwell's class was the central Canada winner of the 2010–2011 Mindshare 21st Century Digital Classroom National Video Challenge for their video, Goodnight 21st Century Learners
  • Caldwell's students create digital portfolios in (, which fosters parent involvement and engagement.

Rave Reviews

"I like it when Mrs. Caldwell teaches us about how to read. She takes us on Skype to visit our Hamiota friends—we see them on the SMARTBoard. I love Mrs. Caldwell because every day I get to play at centres with my friends and make lots of art. She is really nice and I know that she loves us."


"The growth that we have witnessed in our daughter throughout her kindergarten year has been wonderful. She has progressed from a young lady who had some difficulty with separation to a student who is excited to attend school. Her teacher's excitement for learning and technology has definitely been contagious."


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