Archived — Stacie Carroll and Sabrina Tayebjee Morey

Year: 2012 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Beverley Public School
64 Baldwin Street
Toronto, Ontario M5T 1L4

Principal: Alana Grossman
School Tel.: 416–397–2750
School email:
School website:

Subjects and grades taught: Special education developmental disabilities for JK/SK

Teaching Approach

Stacie Carroll and Sabrina Tayebjee Morey have made headlines in national media. Their keen intuition, paired with a little innovation and a few everyday devices has given their students the ability to communicate their wants and needs. It is no exaggeration to say that Carroll and Tayebjee Morey have revolutionized how teachers of students with communication disorders look at socialization.

Outstanding Achievements

  • Carroll and Tayebjee Morey have been actively involved in a two-phase study between the Toronto District School Board and the University of Toronto's Faculty of Education. With the goal of making students active participants in the classroom, the study assesses students' ability to communicate more effectively using low-cost everyday hand-held devices.
  • Carroll and Tayebjee Morey have found that students respond extremely well to tablet devices like the iPad and touch technology like the iPod. They have adapted applications to enable their students to communicate Yes/No, but also activity sequence through pictures.
  • As a result of their findings, Carroll and Tayebjee Morey have developed a language arts and functional academics curriculum that draws on 230 iPod/iPad applications such as Proloquo2Go and iCommunicate. The program is being used throughout the school and in the community. Several App companies have now even approached Carroll and Tayebjee Morey to help develop Apps specifically for children with developmental disabilities (
  • Carroll and Tayebjee Morey keep a blog and actively use social media to reach out and publicize their findings. Their blog has received over 7,000 views from around the world. This has also spawned national and international media attention, which has enabled them to spread their knowledge.

Rave Reviews

"To be completely candid, the diagnosis of my son's syndrome was the most difficult situation in my life I have ever been presented with. (…) Stacie has made our life less complicated and demanding knowing that [my child] is in the best hands he could be every single day. She has been such a positive force in his life and we're all so amazed at how much he has progressed in the school in such a short time."


"Watching Sabrina interact with my daughter and her classmates has been helpful in how I deal with situations at home as a parent. It seems as though she's not only teaching the students, but the parents as well! (…) Sabrina has been such a positive influence on [my daughter] and taught her that school is a place to have fun, be challenged and be loved."


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