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Year: 2013 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Excellence Recipient

Vernon Kee

Danforth Collegiate Technical Institute
800 Greenwood Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4J 4B7

Principal: Denise Martin
School Telephone: 416-393-0620
School website: Danforth Collegiate Technical Institute

Subjects and grades taught: Technology, Design, Careers, Computers for Grades 9 to 12

"Ask Kee anything"— is what students affectionately call an online system designed by Vernon Kee to field questions, concerns or issues about his classes. It's this kind of open attitude and constant desire to improve that students quickly grow to respect and admire. Kee is known among his students and colleagues for many things, but it's his passion for teaching that makes him stands out above the rest.

Teaching approach

Kee relies on a reoccurring loop of feedback to tailor projects and lessons to best suit his students, their interests and their style of learning. A former engineer who moved to teaching to follow his passions, Kee draws from his own experience and gained wisdom to bring both an engineering and careers class to life.

Outstanding achievements

  • Kee managed a $30,000 government grant to hire university tutors for this Math Clinic tutoring program. Tutors worked with at-risk students to improve their math skills. Through the program, Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) testing marks have risen to the highest they've been at his school.
  • Kee also organized a Grad Panel which brought his past students in to answer questions about university.
  • Committed to the school community, Kee supervises eight school clubs and coaches four sports teams. Kee also manages multiple school websites and blogs and works as the school network administrator.
  • Committed to the local community, Kee set up a program called Cyberpals through Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships to allow students assist seniors in using the internet.
  • Kee is also committed to the global community. He has organized annual mission trips to Nicaragua for students and colleagues to help build a school and train teachers in one of the poorest communities.

Rave reviews

Mr. Kee is one of those teachers who does not stop being a teacher when the bell rings, or even after you've walked out of high school and entered the world of post-secondary education or the workforce. He is always a source of guidance and inspiration for all of his students.

Past student

I believe the success of a teacher can be measured by the legacy he leaves behind many years from now. I believe Mr. Kee will be one of those teachers whose students will remember him with enthusiasm and gratefulness when those same students raise their own children.


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