Archived — Stefan Stipp

Year: 2013 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Guildford Park Secondary School
10707 146th Street
Surrey, British Columbia V3R 1T5

Principal: Andrew Holland
School Telephone: 604-588-7601
School email: Guildford Park Secondary School
School website: Guildford Park Secondary School

Subjects and grades taught: English, Social Studies, Psychology, Career Education, Skills Development for Grades 9 to 11

Teaching approach

"You are crew, not passengers," says Stefan Stipp to his students on their first day, empowering them to be participants who work independently to move a project forward. He continues: "You are here to expand your possibilities including changing the way you think. You'll need to learn to use your minds well by developing sound intellectual habits. (…) You'll examine big ideas like truth, goodness, love, diversity, and freedom and figure out how they might enrich your life."

Outstanding achievements

  • Stipp’s students take increasing ownership of their learning as they are taught to become self-regulated learners (SRL – Stipp developed and implemented a systematic program through which students are taught to independently use pre-learning, on-the-task and consolidation tools. Ultimately, they receive a “Learners Licence”, which gives them additional freedom as learners.
  • Stipp was instrumental in the purchase of two electronic tablet carts and one tablet computer cart for the school. He currently coordinates a group of teachers working to shift their practice towards a more inquiry-based approach while meaningfully integrating these new digital tools. Stipp’s students use the electronic tablets to create videos that allow them to self-assess and discuss their work with others. His co-op students use blogs that stimulate discussion with peers, and classroom students are encouraged to submit final projects in a variety of formats, including, video, website, PowerPoint, and Prezi.
  • Stipp ensures that his students are engaged citizens in a variety of capacities. They have raised funds for UNICEF, Oxfam, and World Vision. They've planted trees, volunteered in senior homes, and organized a Christmas meal for local homeless people. They also hosted staff appreciation lunches, and led school tours for parents.

Rave reviews

Mr. Stipp taught us about real issues, and always made learning relevant to our lives; by connecting us to the global community through lessons, fundraisers, and life stories. (…) He made us want to come to school, want to learn, and want to strive for better. Students admire him, are inspired by him, and reach new limits because of him.

Past students

I was always impressed by the number of students, both past and present, that continually populate his classroom at lunch and after school. It is on this foundation of genuine trust that Stefan has built his practice and is at the core of what teaching is about: the developing of understanding to improve the way that we relate to each other.


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