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Archived — Shauna Pollock

Year: 2013 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Churchill Alternative Public School
345 Ravenhill Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K2A 0J5

Principal: Megan Egerton
School Telephone: 613-722-4474
School website: Churchill Alternative Public School

Subjects and grades taught: All subjects for Grades 4 and 5

Teaching approach

Shauna Pollock's philosophy is that "we all learn in different ways, on different days" and she ensures that students have access to a variety of tools in an environment that always breeds creativity. With guest speakers, field trips, and online activities that connect students to their parents, and even users from around the world, Pollock's classroom truly is a community – and one that extends far beyond the classroom walls.

Outstanding achievements

  • Pollock's students conceived Project Thank You as a way of thanking people for something they have done, but also as a way of getting people to recognize others. If someone receives a Project Thank You card, they also receive instructions to write two thank you cards of their own, and pass them forward. This initiative was re-tweeted by notable Twitter user Kid President to his 250,000 followers.
  • Pollock and her students have started using Skype in the Classroom, a free service where students interact via webcam with other classrooms all over the world. Pollock's success with the service even reached the Skype head office in California. The company was so impressed with her approach that they sent a camera crew to film her with the class as an example for other educators. The footage will also be made into a short documentary to be used internationally as a teaching tool and a promotional video.
  • Pollock regularly manages innovative blogs in which her for students to contribute. Her class' current blog has become a go-to resource to document everything that goes on in the classroom through writing, videos and photography. The blog has had over 20,000 unique visitors over an eight-month period.

Rave reviews

Miss Pollock as a teacher has been a fantastic influence. She taught me not only schoolwork, but life lessons. I was taught about energy. Always put it in the right direction, aim your energy correctly and you will achieve. I will never forget that. Since she is no longer my teacher, I think of her as my friend.


The passion that Shauna ignited in my daughter has led her to teach her sister and grandmother how to blog as well, encouraging them to keep with it, share experiences, and create communities. I am frankly amazed at the abilities and interest my daughter has developed in this area, which I believe to be the direct result of the time she has spent in the classroom with Shauna.


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