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Archived — James Watts

Year: 2013 – Province: Québec

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Education Plus
1275 Hodge Street
St-Laurent, Québec H4N 2B1

Principal: James Watts
School Telephone: 514-733-9600
School email: Education Plus School website: Education Plus

Subjects and grades taught: Math, Science, English for Grades 10 and 11

Teaching approach

Optimism, energy and a dream of reaching out to the underdog, have led James Watts to create a structure for his students that is based on a loving and caring relationship-building environment. Classes are regulated by the ebb and flow of the exchange of ideas, allow the students flexibility, and spill out into the community.

Outstanding achievements

  • Together with a business partner, Watts established the Education Plus School to provide a place of learning for students who have been marginalized in other schools. His students often have learning disabilities, emotional problems, issues with drugs, or suffer from Asperger's Syndrome.
  • Watts adapts his classes to best suit all learning styles. Students use their phones to Google questions and electronic tablets to work on group projects. The class often heads out into the community on a whim and experiences their lessons first-hand.
  • Watts has published a book entitled Happy Parent – A Novel About Parenting Teens, which shares with parents his philosophy of teaching and relationship-building so that the work he does with his students at school can continue at home.

Rave reviews

Mr. Watts is not a conventional teacher. He uses the canvas of city life to create a stimulating learning environment. He takes his students out of the classroom to help them explore their physical and mental capacities. (…) The success rate of his students is 90%.


My son was falling through the cracks of the system and was just about to give up in Adult Ed when he tried a course at Ed Plus and met Mr. James Watts. (…) The change in him was amazing and I know it was due to Mr. Watts and his teaching, commitment and leadership of his team/students.


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