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Lise Gravelle: Taking on the digital world!

Year: 2020 — Province: Ontario
Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Grades 9 to 12 (Biology, Chemistry, Civics and Citizenship, Career Studies)
École secondaire publique Omer-Deslauriers
Ottawa, Ontario

She who breaks down the barriers to knowledge around each student and opens their minds to the vast possibilities in STEM in a digital world

Director of Education

A visionary woman and educator who is engaged and very much on the ball: Lise Gravelle is more than a teacher; she is a partner in teaching for her students and colleagues alike. Sharing her passion for the STEM subjects and the countless possibilities created by the digital world are an everyday part of her classroom.

Pedagogical approach

Lise Gravelle takes advantage of all internal and external resources for freeing the creative, innovative and inventive spirit of each of her students.  She provides multiple learning opportunities and styles, while favouring digital literature through access to modern equipment. This enables her students to bring their ideas to life and feel drawn to discover, share and explore their interests, whether alone or as a group.

STEM subjects in the classroom

  • Lise teaches her students to professionally capture and post their knowledge and materials, in both words and images, using various technological tools.
  • She encourages greater cooperation among students through collaborative tools and web document management, like Google Doc, for text preparation work or graphic production.
  • As part of the robotics club, Lise introduced the students to various innovative technologies, including EV3 Mindstorms, a tool that enables them to discover robotics and programming so that they can command their robots.
  • Thanks to the STEM subjects, she makes the courses more interactive and the learning process more enriching while also improving students' concentration and creativity.

Outstanding achievements

  • Lise organized the very first STEAM fair held at the Canada Science and Technology Museum featuring high school students and their creations.
  • She leads a team of teachers as part of a major STEM ecology business project that was carried out by, for and with all grade 9 students.   
  • In order to develop youth creativity, she is in the process of forming an extracurricular coding club for girls with the goal of getting more girls to go from being consumers to creators.
  • As leader of the ecology club, Lise awakened the environmental conscience of young people and involved them in various projects, including the greening of the school yard and the creation of eco bags.

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École secondaire publique Omer-Deslauriers
159 Chesterton Drive
Ottawa, ON  K2E 7E6

Facebook : @ESPOmerD

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